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Scuba Diving Package

Scuba diving is an experience of a lifetime in a different setting that allows you to experience the unique exotic marine life and beautiful sea creatures under the sea at close range. Scuba diving provides many opportunities to enjoy the enchanting and unexplored world under the sea.

Wild Woods Spa and Resort offers a special program to the customers, called ‘Discover Scuba Diving Program’. It is designed specifically for you, which offers snorkeling and scuba diving on the exotic Netrani Island. Netrani Island is an excellent picnic spot located in the Arabian Sea about 10 nautical miles from Murdeshwara. Snorkeling or scuba diving at Netrani would be fun filled and thrilling, as the island does not have any shore. So one has to get into a boat and then directly dive into the sea.

Dreamz Diving is a professional Padi Recreational Scuba Diving Company, which organizes activities in the Netrani Island. Well-trained professionals will train and take care of your diving needs. The scuba diving experience is priceless and you must enjoy it at least once!

Every one of us should have at least a single vacation in our lives that will last a lifetime and this is exactly that kind of adventurous and enjoyable trip that you would reminisce about when old. So when planning your next trip, consider scuba diving in your plan. Book for a scuba diving package and accommodation at Wild Woods Spa and Resort and the rest will be care taken by us. The arrangements can be made online which helps further in making the trip comfortable. Reach us right away and explore the unexplored!