Spa upon the river

The Spa upon the river at Wild Woods Resort offers a number of rejuvenation treatments for guests. The spa facility has a steam room and salon as well for body care routines. Click on the links below to find out more about our spa therapies.
Wild Woods Spa & Resort Udupi spa1 wild woods spa resort udupi

Aurvedic Spa Therapy

Rejuvenate mind and body through the ancient Indian therapies of Ayurveda at the Wild Woods Spa.

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Wild Woods Spa & Resort Udupi Spa Massage Interior

Thai Spa Therapy

The Thai spa therapies are one of the most effective treatments when it comes to mental and physical relaxation.We offer thai spa massages to our customers in the spa.

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Wild Woods Spa & Resort Udupi Spa Stone Therapy

Wellness & Body Care

A number of other therapies and wellness routines are offered at the Wild Woods Spa upon the river.

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