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Wild Woods Resort was conceived in 2009. The resort is a Biodiversity Hotspot that covers an area of 22 acres in the Malabar region and is encircled by a local stream, Kosalli.It is a one of a kind offbeat destinations in India. The stream gets its water from two nearby waterfalls (visible from the resort as well). The ecologically rich Western Ghats support a large number of plant and animal species thus making the Wild Woods Resort a unique Biodiversity Hotspot. The resort is an amalgamation of nature, native culture and modern luxury facilities. The resort exemplifies principles of natural sustainability and a number of native South-Indian architecture styles are deployed in its construction and design.

A walk amidst nature can rejuvenate body and mind. Wild Woods Resort aims to provide ultimate repose for a city traveller harassed by the hectic day-to-day schedule and toils of life in metros. Also the Ayurvedic and Thai massage therapies at Wild Woods Spa are especially designed for physical as well as mental rejuvenation. Healthy food is served at the resort's restaurant - Aroma. A range of regional and international cuisine are served at Wild Woods Resort prepared using garden fresh fruits and vegetables and quality ingredients.

There are a host of adventure and outdoor activities available at the Wild Woods Resort; swimming, fishing, zorbing, kayaking and waterfall treks, beach trips and nature walks.It is an offbeat destinations in India where you are free from stresses of modern life and are rejuvenated by the healing touch of mother nature.

The Wild Woods Resort management places great emphasis on practicing concepts of responsible tourism. Eco-friendly methods are incorporated in every aspect of running the resort and adequate waste management systems are deployed for recycling organic and non-organic wastes. Visit us at Wild Woods Resort.

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